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Solar Power Tower Mirror


TG Group self-develops and produces high-quality ultra clear glass (VT≥91%) as the substrate. The application of advanced technology and equipment guarantees the durability of our solar mirrors and the unique edge sealing technology ensures the longer working life.


High reflectivity
High resistance to deformation
High flatness
Strong anti-aging ability
Super weatherability


Used by the solar power tower generation system
The solar power tower system consists of several heliostats to reflect sunlight to the central heating collector on the top of the tower. The fluid media in the collector (water/molten salt/air) is directly or indirectly heated to steam of high temperature, driving the power generators.


Max size(mm) 2440×3660 mm
Min size(mm) 1000×800 mm
Thickness of glass(mm) 2-8 mm
Mirror property Tempered/non-Tempered