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Trough Solar Mirror

Abstract: With the application of the most advanced glass bending and tempering equipment and technology, the mechanical strength of our parabolic trough solar mirrors is several times higher than the general silver mirrors;the impact resistance is 5-10 times higher. The unique edge sealing technology kindly protects the silver reflector and the copper anticorrosive coating. The utilization of two-component silicone makes the bearing capacity of the ceramic elements of high strength (with nuts inside) more powerful and leads to easier installation.


High reflectivity
High mechanical strength
High impact resistance
Good safety
Strong anti-aging ability Super weatherability


Used by the parabolic trough solar power generation system

The parabolic trough solar power generation system is called as parabolic trough solar thermal power generation system in full name. The system consists of a series-parallel array of several parabolic trough solar mirrors that concentrate sunlight to the heating collector which realizes the photothermal conversion. Finally the thermal power system generates electricity.

Mirror type RP3
Size(inner mirror)(mm) 1700×1641 mm
Size(outer mirror)(mm) 1700×1501 mm
Thickness of glass(mm) 4 mm
Aperture width(mm) 5774 mm
Focal length (mm) 1710 mm
Mirror property Ultra clear and full-tempered
IC 70mm ≥99.7%
Focus deviation (mm) FDx≤10mm   FDy≤14mm
Slope deviation(mrad) SDx≤3.0mrad   SDy≤4.0mrad